Just do what I say.

Piet was elected chairman.

I am very thankful to you for your advice.

Check your tire pressure.

I should know by now not to ask Sharon for help.

I think Tuan is too young.

Harris is approximately six feet tall.

Patrick is creeping me out.

To love is to suffer.


The prices of commodities varied every week then.

The child bothered him with questions.

It's you who should be thanking me.

You're both crazy.

It's almost seven. We have to go to school.

Don't deceive him.

I dare say you are right.

That almost sounds like a threat.

Good medicine tastes bitter.


If he's proficient in English, I'll hire him.

The twins helped.

I talked with him far into the night.

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The wart on my thumb bled badly after picking at it all afternoon.

If you would drive a little bit slower, it would probably be safer.

Marcos's parents never told him about the facts of life.

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Witches can fly on broomsticks.

I can do that for them.

He got very proficient in English in a few years.

If you take your shoes off before coming into the house you won't bring in any dirt from your shoes.

One quality of oil is that it floats on water.

Christopher wants Caroline to make spaghetti for dinner.

Try harder tomorrow.

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When I heard it, I was dumbfounded.

I thought it was forbidden.

My younger brother is learning to read English.

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He felt great affection for his sister.


Jim didn't even know my name.

Don't watch TV until you finish your work.

Had I arrived earlier, I could have seen Kelly.

Sedovic helped out with that.

Julia is annoying.


Did Damon try?

Breathe, damn you!

Pedro became a whistleblower.

Did you give it to him last year?

His was a generous, open-hearted nature.

What colour is the car which she bought for herself?

Nail polish is as interesting as Buddhism.

You ran into him earlier, didn't you?

Automatic doors can be controlled more intelligently than is now the case. A newly developed control system opens the door only when someone is actually approaching. The door will remain closed if someone is merely standing in front of it or walking past.

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This is my opinion, not yours.

You're a good father.

The air is thin at the top of a high mountain.

Would you like to eat some udon?

There were four pieces of furniture in the room.

Please call me whenever it is convenient to you.

You can't help me now.


I have already finished my homework.

Sara has thirty-one ballpoint pens.

Is it true that there are beautiful and ugly languages?


He likes to watch the birds fly above his head.

Get back in the van.

His intelligence is widely recognized.

We'll check on it right now.

Some people think there's some kind of mystical relationship with people having the same first name.

Does Merril help Lukas?

May I talk to her?

I dried my face.

It's been a great help.


I couldn't believe it was you.

Many countries are having difficulties in the economic sphere.

That means cutting the first train.


I saw you guys talking to him.

The Battle of Fort Sumter was over.

He was accused of corrupting morals and spreading dangerous ideas.

He likes to travel by himself.

I know what Graeme knows.

Jim has asked Anne out several times.

The truth is very simple.

He was saying his head hurt a lot.

I cannot spin wool. Only my grandmother knows how to do it.


Tell me about those.

Pamela is three years old now.

He held me while I cried.

Duane is an activist in his community.

I have a corner in my liver just for you, alcohol.

I tidy my room almost every day.

You should eat more.

Thanks to all of you for coming.

I forgot all about them.


Danny would never go there.


I'm going to eat it.

Can somebody get him a drink?

They've changed a lot.


I got fined.

Ken gave up.

You've said that to me before.

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You prefer patients who can't talk, don't you?

I guess I just don't get it.

Who was this done by?

Bradley didn't even try to pretend that he liked Ning.

I'm going to put my foot down.

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Show me another camera.


These ties are very expensive.

She is poopy child.

Maarten is busy preparing supper now.


I think it's time we gave Casper some time off.

Climate change is happening faster than scientists had expected.

This work isn't easy.


I give you everything you ask for, but you never seem satisfied.

Call them immediately.

The twenty-first century begins in 2001.

Do you have money?

I never dreamt that our company would expand its business to the U.S.

You're the most fantastic person of my life.

I gave up my seat to an old lady.

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George reached his goal of traveling to America.

Stephan has helped a lot.

And if I was homosexual, would that be a sin?

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Monty said that it wasn't his fault and he blamed Mario instead.


They all knew her.

He acquainted himself with his job.

You're my girlfriend.


I don't want anything.

It's hard to believe that Corey really did that.

Yes, it's true. And you?

I don't think Kathryn is going to need our help.

Don't pull my leg!


I wish I could've seen Jones.


Is this the Pilar you're always talking about?


She cried until she ran out of tears.


I want to better understand what the meaning of life is.


We're still waiting for Todd to do what we asked him to do.

Diana designed an experiment to test his hypothesis.

Don't be so paranoid.

My brother just went.

Are you happy now?

We have to find a way to help Moore.

I cannot finish my work today.

Jean has never had a job.

It sounded too good to be true.

Do you believe in the Great Pumpkin?

Don't leave everything to the last minute.


Louise has a pacemaker.

A plastic bag can take up to a thousand years to disintegrate.

Ramses II was an Egyptian pharaoh.

The accident came about through my carelessness.

She reads the newspaper every morning.


I know Josh will be ready.

You all remember Maureen, don't you?

What's the age of the universe?


I can't stand boiled onions!

What do you do for the government?

Can you stop calling me that?

I feel bad for everybody.

Next week, we're heading to the mountain.


He stayed as many as ten days.

You're a lot taller than Sri.

My name is Jaime and I'm an alcoholic.

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Pandora is going blind.


I'm going to stop by your office tomorrow.

Did anybody get hurt?

Except for Marc, everybody seems to be having fun.