Can I bring someone?


But this stuff of the videos is true?

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It is usually hot in July.


The father is good.

The ministry administers the internal affairs.

I'll definitely be there tonight.

He's preparing for a diplomatic career.

All the evidence points to his guilt.

Put out the light and go to bed.

As a beginning I would like to examine the catalyzer used in this experiment.


Woody said to me, "are you ill?"


Nicholas went too far.

Fill in the blanks.

We'll do our best to realize what we've planned.

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He approached the door.

You say what?! One of my childhood's favourite Saturday morning cartoons has been remade as a Hollywood blockbuster movie? Man, I'm getting old...

I'll get on that right away.

The prefectural police is trying to find out what conflict took place between the father and daughter following the family dinner.

i think english is relly useful as a tool in the globalised world

Arriving at the end of each year (that is, the last day of the lunar calendar) wasn't just a new day taking over from the previous one, but also a new year taking over from the previous one, and this was called 'first exchange'.

I will make certain of the situation.


Never deal with a dragon and never trust an elf!

I am like them.

Dan threatened to burn the library.


Anger does not befit a philosopher.

A plastic glass is better than one made of real glass.

She's not my grandmother. She's my mother.

Is there any life on Mars?

List liked it, too.

His shoes are often untied.

Pontus couldn't possibly have done what you claimed he did.

Won't you change your mind?

I haven't been able to get a hold of Hank.


Business carried him to Kobe.


I'm meeting them in an hour.

Let's not do anything that might upset Tarmi.

Spock took Deb to the store.


Maybe it's not going to last.

This was happening every spring.

Nothing in nature is useless.

The sky in the night is a very clean thing.

Newcomers are warned not to ask Amigo whether he really likes stoats that much, since his customary reply to that question is to shout 'OH YES!' at the top of his lungs.

The doctor advised me to quit smoking.

Authentic language varies in time and between places and populations.

I love the girl I met yesterday.

If anyone can do it, Dewey can.

An old man indulges in drinking.

Stop being pessimistic! Everything will sort itself out.

Andrew really got a bad deal.

What are the positives?

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Let's meet in front of the theatre.

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I'm off to Turkey tomorrow.

This is getting hard.

Stu told me it might take a while.


Nicolo told me why he was late.

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He contrived to cheat in the examination.

Can you guys solve the puzzle?

Just keep digging.

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He earned it.

It may be all right.

I'll buy that old clock no matter how expensive it is.


What if she actually had no other choice?

We all have children.

I'll definitely miss you.


This is a really good boat.

Do you think we convinced her?

You would've liked her.

Just buy them some candy.

Sit on the bench.


Buddy doesn't drive carelessly.

The government officials do not like what has been said in the newspaper.

I think Tyler has a valid point.

Isn't it a pity that Ned and Roy can't get along with each other?

That's not fair, is it?

Dennis looked towards the camera.

Arthur is waiting out front.

The only problem was that Manavendra didn't want to be here.

He looked for the keys in the drawer.

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On Tatoeba, there are more than 250,000 sentences in Spanish!


There was a feeling of constraint in the room; no one dared to tell the king how foolish his decision was.

Masanobu never fully recovered from his injuries.

In my opinion, the meeting was a success.

This park is at its best in spring.

You may have a concussion.

Who do you blame?

Thermodynamics is a branch of physics which deals with the energy and work of a system.

She went through this routine, over and over.

No heat or cold lasts beyond the equinox.

We are looking into the cause of the accident.

Noemi is acting very strange today.

Why do you want to meet them?

We've been down this road before.

Here, try a bite of this.

He was bribed by the policeman?! Impossible!

Do you have ashtrays?

I've never told anyone that my father is in prison.


My boss took me to task for the poor quality of my work.


You must eat to live. You must not live to eat.

She was displeased at my letter.

I thought you said you didn't trust Aimee.


We're having a blast.

Why didn't you just tell me about all this?

I'd better call them again.


It would have been wiser to leave it unsaid.


It is Pochi's food.


Since he was able to walk so far, he must have strong legs.

I want to tell him good night.

Mashed potatoes are often eaten with gravy.

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Can I have a beer, please?

I think you're quite right.

I'm riding with her.

One day an old man went fishing in the river.

Are you finished with your work?


Shouldn't we wait a bit longer?

You have a good sense of humor.

We're having some equipment problems.


I experience nausea when I go on too many rides.

I'd very much like to know your opinion.

It's something I have to do.

Do we support this?

Judge embraced his son.

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Do I have to tell you again?


It took seventeen years to build this huge dam.

Can I get a refund?

Syd was very chuffed with himself after his boss gave him a glowing report.

The Internet has a lot of information and thus also a lot of useless information.

He is an industrious man.

You are both cute and nice.

Dan felt guilty about Linda's death.

This is the most interesting book I have ever read.

Jarvis is baking a pizza.

I slept through the 3 hour-long sermon.

She waited for him for two hours.

Police are running an advertising campaign advising people who intend to drive home after drinking, to rethink their third drink.

You should come back here again.

Edgar accepted our offer.

If you don't want to read, then don't.

I'm the last one who talked to Edmund.

Gordon isn't in a good mood.

Teri could hardly stand it.

Should I go talk to Mayo?

Can I speak to you?

What's the most important lesson life has taught you?

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When I was asked by my wife where I was going tomorrow and with whom, I rushed it and ended up giving a confused answer.

He took out a book about the history of coins.

I might tell Elizabeth everything.

Barton was there for you.

I was looking for something, but couldn't find it.


Start at once, and you'll be in time for class.

I don't think that I'm the only one who noticed.

The restrooms in this hotel are first class!

Kamiya wouldn't lend his bicycle to me.

Your friendship means a lot to me.

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Kenn went over to Naren's house to help.

He went to Tokyo on business.

Soohong moved forward a little.

What's wrong with the way I dress?

We missed you very much at the party yesterday.

It's grammatically correct, but a native speaker wouldn't likely say it that way.

I wasn't being mindful and got on a wrong bus by mistake.

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Suwandi was looking for a vending machine.


Everything had to be perfect.