Stephan doesn't usually wear a hat.

Failure to water plants will cause them to die.

I can't fire him.

I bet this will work.

You were always the romantic.

The church is in yourself, for your body is the temple of the living God.

He has a strong shoulder for you to lean on.

It is an ill bird that fouls its own nest.

Where's Henry's bicycle?

Before you leave home, make sure your pets have enough food.

The total amount is payable on delivery.

I need some nutmeg.

I was just doing the dishes.

The Ugandans depend on their coffee crop to bring money into the country.

In case of fire, please use this exit.

Marco had planned to ask his boss for a raise, but he chickened out.

How much for half a kilo?


He has a fair skin and hair.

He was young and innocent.

You don't have to go to the trouble of getting an umbrella.

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That Spanish boy can sing a Mozart aria.

Let somebody else hire Torsten.

I didn't think you would come.


I saw you in the park with her.

You need to be very careful.

Your life's in danger.

You need not do it at once.

I have no idea what I'm talking about.

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I have known her since she was a little girl.


This year promises a good harvest of rice.

I had my T-shirt washed.

If you're tired, go to sleep!

Did you see my aunt?

He looked at her with doey eyes.

Let's improvise.

In Paris they simply stared when I spoke to them in French; I never did succeed in making those idiots understand their own language.

I have never heard her say 'No'.

Mexico is bordered on the north by the United States.

I gave some of my old clothes to the Salvation Army.

I wonder who killed them.

She was disguised in men's clothes.

Rabin's dreams were finally materializing.

Miriamne and Tatiana are friends.

The girl is drinking tea.


My night was amazing.

What kind of plan is that?

Eighty percent of communication is non-verbal.


Was that a no?

Could I have some more coffee?

A lot of talk, no action.

This Christmas I want your presence, not your presents.

I always arrived late.

I want to go to school.

The first was not the best.

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She's slim and sexy.

They're predicting rain.

Lots of people get around by bike in Peking.

The police blamed the accident on the taxi driver.

In sending forth the stories in the present volume, all of which are here set down in print for the first time, it is my hope that they may enable American children to share with the children of Russia the pleasure of glancing into the magic world of the old Slavic nation.

It's possible that he will not come.

Can you imagine what would've happened if we hadn't been there?


Can you believe this?

Still, the war was not over.

She dominates her husband.

Actually it was only a rumor.

He told me not to smoke.

He is behind the times.

My son wants to be a Lincoln.


It's heavy, but I can manage it.

Linda used to go to school by bicycle, but now he goes by bus.

Japan has diplomatic relations with China.

I thrust my hand into my pocket.

I was born in Boston in 1995.

We're going back to our hotel.

You'll be answering the phones.

He has at last retired from public office.

Do you promise you won't tell anyone?

This is Kenji's chair.

My husband always reads in bed.

The girl lifted her face, still wet with tears.

I am pregnant.

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I can get us in.


Are you off your meds?

Root's cup was empty.

Dust had accumulated in the attic.

He's Tony.

This car doesn't belong to me.


I'm really sorry about all this.

You only have three days.

Can you show me one more time?

I love Aimer's songs.

You can't trust Sigurd.


We heard them.

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Can you reach the box on that shelf?

I heard someone call my name in the crowded bus.

I can take them to the park.

What colour is this house mouse?

I would never kiss him.


I picked these flowers myself.


I told you this was going to be dangerous.

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I was on the phone.

Where is a doctor?

Juliet was elected.

The passing car splashed muddy water on me.

He's a nerd.

It's a great truth.

You all don't speak English.

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I don't play the bassoon as much as I used to.

What he says has nothing to do with this problem.

She does not understand English.

Let's go the other way.

I don't want the horse.


I really couldn't have done this without you.

Is that what Liyuan would really want?

We've given Hamilton one more chance.

That kitty is so cute!

I love Spanish!

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Shahid is the only one who can get Torsten to smile.

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His muscles ached from sitting too long in one position.

According to a study, big women are more prone to have twins.

Gregge's singing really impressed me.

I not only gave her some advice, I also gave her a cunnilingus.

The Cosmic Dust Laboratory at NASA's Johnson Space Center contains the largest collection of comet debris on Earth.

There isn't a Monday that would not cede its place to Tuesday.

We haven't done too badly.

Why can't you stay with me?

Theodore doesn't drink now.


I'll never come.

I will find you your lost ring.

You are an angel for doing my shopping.

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To take an express train, we have to get an express ticket in addition to an ordinary ticket.

Do we know for sure it's Franklin?

Let's find out what needs to be done.

Teriann has been doing much better lately.

The bridge gave way.

Do you recognize any of these names?

A small road ran across the bridge, through the fields, and over a hill.

I designed it myself.

Can I use your typewriter?

I only asked her what she paid for that dull-looking dress and she flew off the handle at me.

I feel bad.

The tree grew very tall.

These articles are liable to duty.


He lifted her hand and kissed it.


The customs officials searched the whole ship.

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We make our products using our creativity as a service to you.

It's not something we have any control over.

The doctor advised my father to give up smoking.

I heard her scream.

The police arrested the pickpocket in the act.


Dan decided to go ahead with his plan.


Greg won the contest last year.


No one suspected him.

I shouldn't have to tell you to do your homework.

Why should I apologize?


That wasn't a mistake.

These apples are beginning to spoil.

What would we do without Tricia?

Have you already decided what time you're going to leave?

She made an effort at joking but it fell quite flat.

He studied hard only to fail in the exam.

Klava is bidding farewell to her husband.


Antonio might not want to do that.

He asked me where his book was.

Which was to be proven.

I didn't want to cancel the appointment, but something else came up.

Is there any chance that Kristin can win?