My mother put the cake in the refrigerator.

Sundaresan obviously doesn't like Harvey.

Allen gave Joe advice on effective ways to study French.

I often get conjunctivitis.


You shouldn't sleep with him on the first date.

You taught us that.

Shamim can't understand Novorolsky's motives.

I don't care as long as you're happy.

You were too young.


Everybody loves his country.


He caught her by the hair.

I am as happy as a clam.

Bill doesn't like the fact that his father smokes a lot.

I polished my shoes.

Few people know that Mr. Itsumi is from Kansai.


How long has Eric lived here?

My children rarely go outside.

Is there anything I could help you with?

Yvonne's injury didn't appear serious.

He argued that nuclear weapons were a threat to peace.

That's not what he's going to talk about.

Life in society requires communication.

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A steamship is, without doubt, a city in itself.

This hat is too tight for me.

What time did you get up today?

My children like to sing in the car.

We must stop urban sprawl and fight against physical segregation while still guaranteeing the right to housing.


The warden sent Dan back to solitary confinement.

Are you asking him if he has time to attend, Thursday at two in the afternoon?

I guess Steven has been here all day.

Have you already met Mr Smith?

Ken detests Giles.

Nobody is equal to this young woman in the field of music.

If the statement is incontrovertible, why are we arguing about it?


There are a lot of idiots here tonight.

I hope you will correct the situation immediately.

Get a picture of this.

Fuck it.

I'd like to own a business.

So this is what homesick feels like.

Had he known what was about to happen, he would have changed his plan.

I'm going to buy some things with you.

This custom is peculiar to Japan.


He tends to tell lies.

Mr. Suzuki's classes are interesting, but his stories always get sidetracked, so we never make any good progress in our textbooks.

Can you get Mitch to help?

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A sponge absorbs liquids.


How long did you sleep last night?


When was the last time I visited you?

What time do you finish work?

I can live with that.

Do you ever do that?

She took advantage of me.


Sue is in a safe place.

How young you are!

Don't forget to give my best regards to your lovely wife.


I want you to lie still for a while.

Where did you treat them?

Do colleges give homework too?

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What's your blog about?


You need a ride?

The accident damaged her car's front wheels.

Is Mr Ozawa going to be the next manager?

Thuan wanted to become a carpenter like his father.

You're already there, right?

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It was Bjorne's fault, you know.

Pat didn't have to do this for me.

I have no idea why I was chosen.

Why did you agree to help them?

The siren blew.

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I want to send some postcards to my friends in the United States.

It beats me how she could have gotten that secret information.

My uncle is a very heavy smoker; tobacco is indispensable to him.

Bacteria are the only culture some people have.

He's completely gone.


That's where we'll go.

Ed wasn't invited.

You seem kind of quiet today.

You have only to give the order.

She grew up near the sea, yet she hates swimming.

You are capable of anything.

Make each day your masterpiece.

You're all mine.

I got quite a scare when they said you were in the hospital.

I think I know why Judge doesn't like Debbie.

He added sugar to his coffee.

Stephanie is angry and upset.

Why don't I stay with them?

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That should be kept between us.

Rusty fired his gun three times.

Could you choose a couple of books for me to read?

Norway's Marit Bjoergen won the 15km women's skiathlon.

Alastair really likes to show off.

Diana painted the fence white.

I knew I could talk to Kanthan about Andy.

Oh, he eats like a bird.

I watch television.

Many people drift through life without a purpose.

He took his coat off and set to work.

Why is your skirt so short?

Derek always sleeps with his window open.

Please, do not get excited.

The A/C does not sound to be working


You made that difficult.

He went to Boston by car.

The paraglider landed in the tree.

Norm has more alcohol in his refrigerator than he does food.

It's great fun.

I have a book about fishing.

My beloved is white and ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand.

The party ended with a speech by the host.

This is a real breakthrough.


She dried her eyes with my new sweatshirt.


Time Square is empty.

He's had a big chip on his shoulder ever since he was passed up for promotion.

Maybe that was a mistake.

I can't believe I signed off on your fuckin' E-5!

We need to wait and see.

I don't want you to feel that I'm pressuring you to do this.

Jennifer decided to quit his job.

They complained about their low wages.

Why do you want Celia to talk to James?

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We'll talk about it later.


I'll go talk to her.

Ami is well known in Australia.

I told you I was OK.

Randolph has no idea how much it will cost.

I love that restaurant.

Did you know him personally?

Who complained?

Don't blame yourself.

I stole it from Revised.

Curt comes from the north.

It's a feasty atmosphere.


Japan ranks among the economic powers of the world.

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Alfred didn't quite know how to answer.

Try reading this.

Lin and Mason are still watching TV.


It's not all that bad.

Why don't you do something constructive for a change?

I can't tell you who we are.


You are killing me slowly.

Do you have a pen?

I observed that his hands were unsteady.

I think something scared them.

I think Vicky might be busy.

Erick didn't have to pay.

Please accept this little gift.


Where have all these people come from?

Mwa has wavy hair.

We met Juliane.

The old woman looked at me with surliness and mistrust.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave now.

Russia is the homeland of the elephants.

I got a thorn in my finger.


She looked him in the face.

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He has remained pro-conservative throughout.

Frederick told me you were still in Boston.

Oliver was carrying some shopping bags.

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This plane flies between Osaka and Hakodate.


It'll be fine tomorrow.

We ate some turtle soup.

How were the kids today?

What is your first name?

He's going to eat you alive when he finds out the truth.

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She's getting breakfast ready.