This famous actress was also a fashion icon.

What country is Guillermo in right now?


I slept the whole afternoon away.

Vinod handles a saw very well.

Urs celebrated his 13th birthday on October 20th.

You're a very good singer.

I already told you that.

I hit it off badly with her.

You're creative.

It may have rained last night.

If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.


Who made these rules?


The summer grass covers the ground.

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Can you have dinner with us?

Whether he agrees to my opinion or not, I will do the work.

I know how stressful that kind of situation can be.

I knew people would talk.

You left your headlights on.

I want to apologize to all of you for what just happened.

The experiment was a failure.

We're not late.

Everybody thinks so.

I'm pretty sure Amy has a pair of skis.

Why don't you play something for me?

I told you it was dangerous.

I'm starting to doubt you.


Carole found a job.

Pascal watched a movie on a portable DVD player.

Tell her I'm hanging up the laundry.

I like knowing how things work.

Just a moment. I haven't finished yet.


It has been done before.

This isn't exactly helping.

I spent the whole evening trying to find my keys.


Write the essay and don't get distracted.

Root is never afraid of anything.

My strength isn't back yet.


It has even rained a bit.


He has been a good companion to me.

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When did Gabriel leave you?


I've never seen her like that.

The blueberry cake he made was delicious.

Linda is the one who usually ends up feeding our dog.


I will perform my duties with pleasure.

She's very pretty, but she has no appeal.

Lievaart taught me to read.

The house collapsed under the weight of the snow.

Patrick has gone shopping.

Fraud and deceit abound in these days more than in former times.

That man bows to me as if he knew me.

What could've happened to them?

He wanted to know how it tasted, so he bit off a little piece.

I'm interested in helping him.

They as well as you are ordinary people.

I need to see him right now.

I no longer feel angry, just resigned.

You did it again.

Saumya says he's really sorry.

Some things just can't be fixed.

Are the muffins ready?

Vincent is intelligent.

Janet shook his fists in frustration.

This American flag was made in China.

Having realized his hope, he returned home.

Did you write down the license plate number?

It is far from here to Tokyo.

Dan came up with a new idea.

Don't give Tollefsen any ideas.

I am shattered.

His parents invited me to dinner.

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I don't know what would happen if I ever lost you.

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I quit playing football.

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And that's the danger.


You're braver than me.

He joined his colleagues in the director's office.

Water is an important natural resource.

I cannot manage a company. It's too hard for me.

I've got a friend in the FBI.

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He sometimes visits me.

I wasn't around when Dannie needed me.

Why do humans smile? This is a very difficult question to answer.

Kusum is in the hospital right now.

They are leaving for London.


I'm late, aren't I?

When is your book coming out?

I need your assistance.


Human ovum is barely visible to the naked eye.


Jobs are hard come by these days.

I went into Takayuki's room.

Tanya may not be as rich as he seems.

I'm staying at that hotel.

They are familiar with my father.

The police are looking for you.

Can you prove that?


That looks close.


The police think Chuck murdered his parents.

This sentence sounds good and is grammatically correct.

Sabrina owns a pizzeria.


People are judged by their skin colour.

That's got to make a difference.

Nobody talked about my country.


They acclaimed him as their leader.

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This monument is in memory of a great statesman.

We long for peace.

My college has a dormitory.

There's no tomorrow for these people.

The dog was run over by a car.

I feel like a drink. Got any beer?

We were about to call you.

Let's make use of our time wisely.

Dieter came home.

I finished the job on my own.

I think I know where Kylo is headed.

Menopause is the permanent cessation of the ovaries' primary functions.

He was becoming a famous singer.


Dan was riding in the back seat.

Are they collaborators?

It wasn't that hard.

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So why don't you just give up?

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

I'm going to let you do whatever you want to do.

Trent is wanted by the police.

After I die, I hope that people will say of me: "That guy sure owed me a lot of money."

He held her daughter dear.

I'm very sorry, we can't accept your request.


Did you think I'd give up so easily?

Why is taking pictures of trains interesting?

Let's dance all night long!

You cleverly orchestrated a mistrial.

I received an invitation.

How can I remove blood stains from a shirt?

I'll come back at six thirty.

There's somebody who wants to meet you.

You've got to get Per talking.

He walked to and fro on the stage.

Spring was long coming that year.


Just tell them to hurry up.


His father disapproved of her.

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I believe so.

It was a very, very hot night.

You aren't permitted to bring dogs into this building.


The problem here isn't her.

Mats's shift starts at midnight.

Toby spoke softly to Suzan in French.

I have been on friendly terms with him for more than twenty years.

Details will follow soon.

A linguistics student swallowed her own tongue after attempting the legendary glottal approximant.

I know you have a house in Hawaii.

Take your umbrella with you.

I don't have so many skills.

Ariel has been honest with Ami.

How soon does the bus leave?

I'm still upset about it.

We agreed on a date for the next meeting.

We learn much from experience.

He has more money than he can spend.

I would like you to understand.

I don't want Harry to leave me.

Kusum ate a spoonful of peanut butter.

Go and fetch Marilyn.

We'll go wherever the action is.

We could try again.

The plans are still fluid.

Tran worked from early in the morning until late at night.

I'll always stand by you in case of trouble.

I have had it.

Two pupils are absent today.

Mr Smith founded this school forty years ago.