How many nights will you stay?

I'm sorry I made you wait so long.

I wouldn't want to bother him.

You might want to talk to Julianto.

Mario took another look at the picture.

We get along very well.

Jamie owns a hunting rifle.

No matter how important the question may or may not be, you must solve it.

She advised him not to drive too fast.

I slapped his face.

Lawrence fell into a panic.

The king warned her to never leave the castle, to never talk with strangers, to beware of evil counsellors, and especially to be on her guard against strange women.

He doesn't want to get into a relationship now.

There were no temples or shrines among us save those of nature.

The chairman did not rule out the possibility of a disagreement.

The physical world is a complex web of events, and nothing happens for only one reason..

All you need to know is explained in this book.

The falling of the Berlin Wall was truly a momentous occasion.

The children were particularly quiet.

Cyrano had a very large nose.

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What are your expenses?

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Kory noticed Claude wasn't wearing a wedding ring.

Could I trouble you with something?

Matthew isn't giving up yet.

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Geppetto did not have a penny in his pocket, so he made his son a little suit of flowered paper, a pair of shoes from the bark of a tree, and a tiny cap from a bit of dough.

Sjouke turned and looked at me.

I wrote back to Hume.

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Why don't you want to listen to me?


I've been out of touch with things for several months now.

It was a great pleasure for me to meet many associates of your company.

Driving after drinking alcohol is not acceptable behavior.

Don't you think you're being a bit melodramatic?

Olivier would rather swim than play tennis.

"Witches don't cry," she whispered softly.

Traffic lights are used to direct traffic.


If there is nothing near them that needs doing, they are sure to go and find something.

This is the first time I've ever sneezed this much.

They don't trust me.

Up to 20% of the world's seafood is caught illegally.

Myron doesn't have to go to school anymore.


I can always sleep no matter where I am.

We probably won't do that again.

You've probably seen that already.


Wolfgang is too competitive.


Does he have a passport?

Kusum convinced Linder to stay in school.

She can understand everything he's saying.


It is one thing to show a man that he is in error, and another to put him in possession of the truth.

The Cabinet is meeting today to discuss the crisis.

But of course that was a long time ago.


He knows how to close this window.

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An apple fell on the ground.

Sho isn't old enough to go to school.

What did you write?


I didn't let her go home early.

This ointment can kill fungi.

I take a bath every day.


She wants to work at the hospital.

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You've just got to try harder.

How is this even possible?

Did they say what happened?


It's kind of small.


Jimmy was sitting on the couch alone.

Xiaoding asked Teacher Lin while holding a picture: "Is this picture of you taken in the Beijing University Library?"

I'm not nervous around Ning.

What's this anglicism?

I work better under pressure.


Maybe you should quit.


I was being taught to cheat.


We have one for you, too.


Himawan seems shocked.

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Would you go to the beach with me?

I got called out to work.

Get out of my room!

I want to warm myself.

Did you find a solution?

Neil was staring at a photograph.

Marion and Stephe watched John go out the door.

I know you don't know Gideon.

She does not like snakes and mathematics.

Just take mine.

She's about the same age as I am.


Bill's abrupt manner causes him to be misunderstood.

Sumitro locked his sister in the closet.

When was the last time you went on a date?


When wood is chopped, woodchips will fly.


Did you hear that, too?

Ning is no longer our prime suspect.

Slartibartfast wrote his paper by copy-pasting from Wikipedia.

I assume you've graduated from high school by now.

He likes films.

Did you stay here all night?

Juergen is out for lunch.

That was the first time I was ever alone with Lenny.

I didn't expect I'd find Skeeter.


He wrote me a long letter.

Three months ago there were so few students we stopped the class.

Takeshi is always bossed around by his sisters.

I was just looking out for Wendy.

She's neither rich nor famous.

I made a really big sandwich.

I like to travel by ship.

The police can't be everywhere.

You guys wait here.


At first sight, the question seemed easy.

I'm jealous of Kolkka.

Do you think she would accept my invitation?

It was George that I met in the street this morning.

In 1943, Japan was at war.

It's not like him not to call.

I'm just waiting for someone.

He made use of the opportunity to improve his English.

The mother hugged the child to her bosom.


Leung began to pull on his jeans.

The experience prejudiced her in favor of the Democratic Party.

What's your husband's name?

He walked away.

I would like to study Arabic.

I owe you $1,000.

I accept your apology.

Why aren't we helping them?

We'll go there again.

The worst thing about winter is the snow.

A rabbit has long ears and a short tail.

The FBI was an active partner in the investigation.

What is your decision?


His bravery is above all praise.

Edmond scared the children.

We were just talking about you when you called.

Mother bought me a beautiful dress last Sunday.

The man terrified the little children.

Fear infects and corrupts everything it touches.

Angela never told Spass where he hid the diamonds.

Sochi has a subtropical climate and temperatures rarely fall below freezing.

We want to go back and help.


Lanny is a heavy reader.

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I really don't want you to do that.

A great catastrophe is expected.

It felt good.

I wanted to give Stacy some money.

Parts of Dion's speech were strikingly similar to the speech that Subra had given at the same event a year before.

I am often irritated by her selfishness.

Don't speak ill of others while they are away.

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Sandy doesn't want to go to Boston with us.

The bathroom's down the hall.

Sigurd won't come.

He loves Australia.

Sure, gladly.

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It happened very quickly.

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My pen won't work. What did you do to it?

I've learned a lot from this conversation.

I'll be sure to tell Brenda.

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Julius won the competition.


Be kind to old people.

How many soldiers fought?

Seed of wacholder is often used in folk medicine.

She gave him the elbow yesterday.

So, Vishal, do you want to go see a movie?

The eye is sensitive to light.

Doyle was as surprised as anyone.

I felt very helpless.

My father will retire at the age of sixty.

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I fell asleep while reading.