Oskar was talking to Suwandi at the party.


Harris is normally really quiet.


Could you please leave?

He ended up in jail.

Why do I have to do that?

He has recovered his health, so he is now able to resume his studies.

I wish my grandmother had seen it.


I feel good today.


He looked at her angrily.

Dogs can't talk, but it's almost as if the puppy's eyes said, "No, I don't have a home."

It is absolutely necessary that you be at the meeting.

Sir, have you seen Sir Cyrano?

A new treatment for hepatitis is being studied.

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That is all I have.

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If the phone rings again, I plan to ignore it.

The conditions were deemed sufficiently unsafe to justify an evacuation.

My parents really love me.

This museum has a magnificent collection of modern art.

There's not going to be a wedding.

The new national elder-care insurance system starts next year, right?

I will send a letter to my brother who lives in Sapporo.


My first guess was wide off the mark.

She's burying her money in the sand.

I built ten thousand walls, for you to knock them all down.

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I'm sorry that I haven't been able to be here for you.


Monica will be here in fifteen minutes.

Who's speaking at the meeting tonight?

I ordered my overcoat from a department store.

Shadow is trying hard.

He sprawled out on the sofa next to me.

Don't let your mother know that.

When I was a child, my mother made me eat green vegetables every day.

I studied there a year ago.

This guy is a loser.


What's the other option?

Guess what I've got for you.

I had lunch with Lee at a restaurant near the office.

He had a crush on her.

I'm still suffering from jet lag.

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The laborers were layed off for 3 weeks.

Nice job, man!

Bernie did it the way he was told.

These goods may not be available locally.

Seenu looked at the picture.

I know you were proud of me.

Keep dancing.


I want to protect him.

This is a difficult mission.

Doyle says he needs to talk to Norma about something.

Gunnar said he thought that house was haunted.

Sergeant knows all about us.

Archie is likable.

We need another member.

Nobody talks about you.

Father is hulling rice.

Central nervous system consists of brain, cerebellum, medulla oblongata and spinal cord.

Almost three thousand people died.

I'm tired of just sitting here and doing nothing.

It's five o' clock. If you quickly post your letter, it still might make it in time.

Take as many peaches as you like.

I'm cold and wet.

Remember to post the letter on your way to school.

Do you think Elisabeth can help you?

The diamond was discovered by a boy in 1873.

You know why!


In the distance you can see Mt. Fuji through the morning mist.

I'm short.

What's something you plan to do in the near future?

Turkeer knows more about this kind of thing than Raymond does.

"What's the catch?" "There's no catch."

Having washed my skirt in the cold water of a spring, I sat a while.

Keith is a demagogue.

I won't tell you where I keep my money.

He witnessed the accident.

Lynn was eager.

Receive a cure from a doctor, learn from a wise man.

The cup broke.

May I go there with Masao, Father?


My head is full of words for you.

Chet is a quiet person.

Some believe that spirituality is utterly different from religiosity.

Someone somewhere must care.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step.


Please send this parcel by sea.

Plausibility changes with different circumstances.

I hardly know you.

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They can't touch me.

This generous offer may be a mere pose.

He knew the news, but he kept it to himself.


We can still talk to them.

You know the drill.

We're faster than anyone else.

I love art and quiet evenings at home.

Malaclypse is a brilliant scientist.

Susan is an English name.

We only speak French at home.

I was young and naive then.

The baby is putting the rattle in its mouth.

You shouldn't eat just before you go to bed.

He stared at him intensely, the gaze not faltering for a moment as the words were gracefully thrown at him.

We're going to have a good time this weekend.

They're willing to let you go.

Were we to do such a thing, we should be punished.

Robin made spaghetti for dinner.


Lou is correct.

Who would want to kill her?

Ning asked for a pen.

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Wendi means it.

Alex trimmed his beard for the wedding.

He never shrinks from danger.

But stupid guys aren't impressive to girls.

Robbin says he can swim across the river.

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You should exercise more.

The evidence is indisputable.

Don't blow your own trumpet.

Abortion is not an affair of the Church, it's a social affair.

Long ago, people used to travel on foot.

It's as simple as two times two.

I never imagined we'd be talking about this topic today.

He wears pajamas.

I made a huge mistake.

How did you know Rabin would be late?

We have to build scaffolding strong enough to support the weight of dozens of workers and tons of equipment.

Panos quickly became very famous.

I thought Marc would be better at playing the flute than that.

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I used to love swimming.

Do you want to risk that?

If she'd taken her doctor's advice, she might not have died.

Lila pointed to the map on the wall.

He can swim well.

My girlfriend's daughters have joined Facebook.

All of your accusations are baseless. She is innocent, and we will prove that.

It is my father's house.

I think it's appropriate.

They have enough help.

You should have seen the program on TV.

You are the doctor.

He is supposed to be at home today.


I guess I could use that.

We shouldn't have given up.

Are you sure it was them?


You aren't sick.

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I had been making the same mistake all my life.


This horrible hot weather is killing me.

The decision was easy to make.

Price is not as smart as me.

The pharmacist made up the prescription for me.

Amos's flight has been canceled.


Does Hughes know how to dance?


Idleness is the devil's workshop.

He is quick at figures.

What happened to him in Boston?

Huashi doesn't eat meat, does he?

Meeting many people is an important part of a party.

Is she going to make it?

When did you start having trouble with Sharon?


Winnie wondered how fast Tarmi could climb a ladder.

You are the only man in the world that I can call my friend.

Who left food on the table of the meeting room?

It is certain that the price of gold will go up.

Del told me to get lost.

Call me up at seven in the morning.

She has a secret crush on her sister's boyfriend.


I'm from Denmark.

Our school has nine classes.

Excuse me, I'm a foreigner and I don't understand Czech all that well.


I didn't have to ask.

Would you please give me some more tea?

Air pollution is a problem around here.