As I love her, so she loved me.


I paid for the video in five installments.

Why don't you want to wear a tie?

Where do they do that at?

Darrell slammed the door behind him.

I got tired of looking at that painting.

I'll be there at once.

All my relatives live in this city.


We must accept the reality.

"Five!" says Alex.

He can speak a little English.

Myron will always remember Rhonda.

I just wanted to have some time together.

He laughed.

This wild rose gives off a sweet scent.

Yo, check this out.

I'm sorry to disturb you, but there's a phone call for you.

To turn cold water hot, one needs to heat it.

I don't want you to kill Lowell.


I need pens, notebooks and so on.

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Ira said he had no reason to stay.

High tax and poor sales bankrupted the company.

As the trees crave tranquility in the ever-persistent wind, the child craves the care of its ever-absent parents.


I hope you two will be as happy as Donn and me.

Pravin always shows good judgment.

I don't plan to swim.

He drew a deep breath.

Please watch closely.


Do you want them there?

Give yourself enough time.

I don't know where Sri keeps his umbrella.

Why are you stopping now?

Tollefsen and I need to talk.

I was having dinner with him.

Why didn't you do your homework?

Next week I will go to Vancouver and visit my younger sister.

Many European people are aware of environmental problems.


Raising a child costs a fortune.

I highly recommend him.

There's a small scar on Kelly's face just under his left eye.

I like this room.

Bertrand doesn't look too dangerous to me.

Children must go to bed early without watching television.

The firemen broke down the door with an ax.

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Don't touch the grass.

Nobody got paid.

How far was it?

That knife came in very handy, didn't it.

I've already saved your life twice.

I think it's unlikely that Alberto will come to the party alone.

Jupiter is made mostly of hydrogen and helium gases.


Betty skimmed the list.

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I'm here every night.

Happily the crops were not harmed by the typhoon.

My characters all have something of the hero archetype about them, in that they are largely stripped of context.

This substance is mostly composed of hydrogen and oxygen.

You must get off at the next station.

My car is parked across the street.

Give it back to Tad.

Susumu and Ellen had a nasty argument.

How lucky I am that the Russian members of the project are so kind. They're always around, they always help me. Thanks!


She walked around looking for him.

What can I get you?

I guess that's good for you.


Should we eat?

Miki still can't grow a beard.

We were obliged to abandon our plan.


We are making plans for the holidays.

You haven't convinced me yet.

She will be a good companion for you.

I know about this project for the most part.

You're about my age, I think.

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I know we're about to face a challenge.


I love him, but he's gay.

Can she read a sci-fi book in a logographic language? Are there logograms she can't read?

All the members of the band were Ukrainian.

Is it hot?

It's been three weeks since Root moved to Boston.


Personally, I like peace.

The computer is of great use.

Could I get you to update this data for me?

Jun didn't say anything about what he had done.

In high school, French was my favorite subject.

There are teeth marks on the end of that pencil.

A snowstorm is coming in.

Her birthday party will be held tomorrow evening.

There's something that isn't right.

This politician was accused of stealing millions of dollars in public funds.

We sympathize with you.


Arriving at the airport, I saw the plane taking off.

Geoffrey killed himself in 2013.

I don't have time to be writing emails. It's study, study, study!


How are you going to tell Naoto?

My mother went shopping, didn't she?

Give my best regards to all your family.


You're the one who's tone deaf.


Vassos has many regrets.

Don't be insolent.

I will come with you.

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I read a few books last week.


I just want answers.

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How nice of you!

How are you and Ofer getting on?

Now, don't worry.

Can you sign your name here?

He speaks Spanish well.

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They were enjoying themselves.


Lord kissed the young man on the cheek.

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Sylvan is too smart for that.

The doors are locked.

Jay goes to school with my son.

Claudio just got that suit.

I don't think that this shirt suits a red tie.


If you don't take a vacation, you'll collapse.

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When was the last time you saw Jacques at school?

He has two sons, who became merchants.

I scared one away.

I will have finished the work before you return.

Tollefsen has been laid off.

What's Sergio angry about?

The electric things have their life too. Paltry as those lives are.

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If the governments devalue the currency in order to betray all creditors, you politely call this procedure "inflation".


I abhor violence.

I'll call you up later.

What he meant by those words finally dawned on me.

I'm pretty sure Piete's wealthy.

We're going to win.

The news spread like wildfire.

The legal system in America is the world's finest.

Afterburners are only used on supersonic aircraft like fighter planes and the Concorde supersonic airliner.

I come from China.

Elisabeth will go, too, won't he?

Donna laughed hysterically for no reason.


Please pick up the papers.

This refrigerator has an integrated ice and water dispenser.

I believe it my duty to protect these children.

You cannot mix oil and water.

I bought it at a garage sale.


I plan to throw all of this away. You may take whatever you like.

I'm stuffed!

Many peoples live in Asia.

This computer didn't cost much.

She's eager to speak to you.

Allen hasn't been convicted.

We both can't be right.

What's your favorite newspaper?

I'm glad we did what we did.

The other girls are jealous of Lily because she is extremely pretty.

They must have failed through lack of enthusiasm.

Do you know who wrote this novel?

On his way home, Lana met a man he thought was an American.

We'll find more engineers to recover the schedule.

I don't want anything bad to happen.


Sam is better than Daryl.


The goal of this report is to research all the pros and cons of the proposal.


The prisoner of war bore himself with great dignity.

Our current house is too small, so we decided to move.

Milo lost his wife seven years ago.


Tuan borrowed my ruler.

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Thank you for amending that mistake.

They said he was the best writer in the group.

I've had a very long day.